Existing alternative energy sources.

Free Radiant Energy

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Устройство свободной энергии dynatron по следам Donald L. Smith.

Kacher Brovina + Tesla Coil efficiency = 600%

Radiant Energy - Cold Electric Radiant current.

Russian and Ukrainian engineers, scientists have made ​​a series of discoveries that can transform the entire world economy. Now it is 90% focused on the consumption of hydrocarbons such as oil, gas and coal. Introduction of Russian know-how radically change the entire energy infrastructure and society as a whole.

"When suddenly opens and experimentally confirmed the great truth that the planet with all its terrifying immensity of electric charges, in fact hardly more than a small metal ball, and when this will be followed by extensive opportunities, each of which is striking and has innumerable applications that will be fully utilized; when it adopted the fore, and it will show that a telegraphic message, almost as secret and not intercepted, as thought, and can be transferred to any distance; when the sound of the human voice, with all its intonations and expression, accurately and instantly be played back at any point on the globe; when the energy of falling water will be available to provide light, heat and motion everywhere - at sea, on land, or high in the air - humanity will be like an anthill razvoroshenny all come up in the excitement! "

Nikola Tesla, 1904

Hundred years we have taken away the information and fed with oil, but the time has come ...

Инструкция прилагается! Как повторить это устройство, которое при потреблении порядка 16 Ватт раскручивает почти киловаттный мотор.

"Device" is powered by a 18 watt - twists kilowatt grinder!

Free energy now say a lot. What does the term "free"? It turns out that traditional power - is "not free", ie "slave"?

Indeed, it is. Existing power on the planet napravyaet its activities to ensure that people could not raise his head. With this purpose in the world is created and maintained by the whole system of scientific knowledge of the laws that keep mankind in power supply shortage, in an environment where energy can be obtained only by paying money for it, providing a hierarchical arrangement of society.

To humanity gained freedom gone beyond technological prison in which his intention to keep the dark forces, we have to recognize the existence of a new type of electricity, up to this point is not explained by modern science. It is the energy of a new quality, which was once opened Tesla and many researchers and inventors (usually they immediately became dead, once tried to inform the world about it.) This is the so-called cold electricity, or radiant, the manifestation of which is written in the great below the following article:

Kacher Brovina + Tesla Coil = Free radiant energy - cold electricity

Part 2

On our 001-Lab.com "Instructions for assembly generator free energy" from dynatron-a.

Final circuit and video on Smitty from dynatron-a. http://www.001-lab.com/001lab/index.php?topic=639.msg43369 # msg43369

http://www.001-lab.com/001lab/index.php?action=downloads; sa = downfile & id = 91

Expert opinion alexsd:
http://www.001-lab.com/001lab/index.php?action=downloads; sa = downfile & id = 92

Dynatron-a video explaining the principles of work settings:
http://www.001-lab.com/001lab/index.php?topic=639.msg35013 # msg35013

http://www.001-lab.com/001lab/index.php?topic=639.msg35057 # msg35057

Answers to your questions

Distayn dynatron and demonstrated their fuel-free power generation unit.

This unit is powered by AC power while consuming somewhere about 160 watts. By converting through the gap, the coil unit rectifiers and power inductive load, we transform this energy into the energy of a conventional electric current capacity of about 2-3 kW.


GlobalWave - Promoting Russian breakthrough technologies

Jaroslav Starukhin, Andrei Melnichenko, Atsyukovsky Vladimir Akimovich, Brovin Vladimir Ilyich Kupeev Vladimir G., Victor Sariev Nersesovich, Boris Rodionov Ustsinovich, Yuriy Nikolayevich Ivanov, Stepan Melnyk, Mikhail Trepashkin

Description: GlobalWave - Yaroslav Starukhina project to promote Russian breakthrough technologies that can solve all the environmental, social, economic and political issues around the world and rid humanity from senseless wars. Cure incurable diseases, prolong life by 30% - 40%, access to infinite energy, autonomous and environmentally friendly. Recycle all the accumulated waste, household, industrial and radioactive, clean and the planet to build a paradise on earth in our lifetime.

Perhaps whoever else is watching TV, reading newspapers, magazines and other official media, which strongly ignore critical information to the public to decide that it's all fiction. No, these technologies exist today and are ready for implementation.

Alexander Gray - To set Smith.

This document provides information on the full principle of so-called Smitty board and its proper setting. A lot of people on the forums have a lot of time spent on it to re-invent it, if they do not have any idea about the processes inside the device.
Translated from the German made with preservation of set phrases and replacing some of the more understandable Russian reader and minor additions to the text.

First we need to say that the device is so called Smitty wave pendulum, whose task is to indefinitely maintain oscillations of standing waves, which are the key to obtaining energy from the ether. So we have to forget some of the decay of mesons, muons, allegedly as a result of a parting of the arrester, let them do it on their relativists Collider.

In ether physics is much easier and brilliant. To support this pendulum oscillations need quite a bit of energy. Nikola Tesla wrote: "My system is like a pendulum, and if no one user is not connected, in order to maintain its oscillations need only a few horsepower," it was said of the tower Uordenkliff.
We have the same pendulum to a more modest, and besides them to be exact there are two actually.
To view the pictures below,
Download file in PDF format here: http://lessons.home-capital.com/se/se3.rar

Energy from the Vacuum - John Bedini

Translated into Russian books - John Bedini and Tom Bierden. Free energy generation

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Kandrashov \ Tesla free energy technology in action - Devices with samozapitkoy. Radiant energy from the air-vacuum. "Over-unity" heat pumps, air conditioners for cooling and heating homes.
Without fuel energy technologies, the new world order and the destiny of modern civilization - collected ample evidence that either denied by official science, but why then are confirmed by many scientists, or not advertised and silent, as it does not fall under the formal validity of their existence.
Zolotarev AY / Science, Energy, Economy Future "| Video

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