Existing alternative energy sources.

Heating. Heat pump. Induction heater.

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Автономное отопление - промышленный тепловой насос. Demonstration of commercially available pump or generator Frenette Potapov or vortex generator Schauberger, who as appropriate. Developers themselves call it: Heat the hydrodynamic pump and ensure the efficiency of work from 300 to 700 percent. These devices are manufactured and supplied by "Heat of the XXI century". According to the company is exporting its products to many countries, including Japan.

Potapov generator mode samozapitki.

Continuing the theme of vortex devices are showing you a video of the generator operating in a Potapov samozapitki. That is, without consuming any external energy, although for clarity picture is necessary to mention that in this generator is also applied technology John Bedini and as a result the battery is not a large capacity.

pump Frenette
generator Potapov

Hydrodynamic heat generator.Polnostyu developed Sergei Fedorovich Podilians (dynatron). One of the many that are fundamentally important differ from those generators that do not have the wear parts of the generator of cavitation. Efficiency in the region of 400% even on small models. Already collected a dozen samples, and everything is 100% functional and showed remarkable results. CIS has a patent.

Swirl Induction Heater "WINE"

reproduced on developments Tesla. WINE is designed for use in stand-alone systems for heating, hot water in processes involving heating the intermediate coolant. The lack of direct heating unlike TENovyh and gas heaters, enables our products to work much longer (over 30 years) without losing its technical indicators.
Developed by our company LLC "Alternative Energy" Vortex induction installation "WINE" designed for domestic hot water (DHW) and heating currents of industrial frequency (50 Hz).
Create Vortex induction heater "WINE", allowed to expand the boundaries and scope of electrical heating as for production purposes as well as at the household level, increase the service life, increase the level of electrical and fire safety, and eliminate the need for off-season maintenance on the equipment.

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